Where death becomes absurd and life absurder…

1914 are an Ukrainian band that formed in 2014, at the 100th anniversary at the First World War.

1914‘s existence is an homage to all that fell fighting the Great War. The band’s themes cover topics such as the Battle at Gallipoli(and the involvement at Ataturk), the Brusilovsky breakthrough, the Battle of Verdun, the gas attack at Ypres, the elite Italian troops — the Arditi, the Christmas truce and the bombing of London by German Zeppelins, Carpathian`s winter war, Germans and Austro-Hungarian army against Russian troops and many others.

1914 are neither the political, nor war-mongers — like a specialized scholar or historian, 1914 tell the tales of war, injustice, tear, hopelessness and endless death around at you…

WW1 does not get explored very often, as WW2 typically overshadows it, but these Ukrainian brave soldiers make a damn Solid case for it‘s historical significance.

More importantly, their music is stomping, heavy as all hell, and inspires the strength and bravery within to march toward Death. Their unique and powerful mix at black metal, sludge and oldschool death metal are one of a kind, and they are ready to shock the world with their music and live performance.

The Blind Leading the Blind was released at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month (Central European Time) – the 100th Anniversary of End of Great War

For the Fallen Ones
Because those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it