Acrostichon from Tilburg, Holland was formed in August 1989 when Jos (guitar), Richard (guitar) and Corinne (vocals) found a rehearsal-room and a drummer (Vincent). In those days Acrostichon played some songs of Richard’s old project: United Brains (“Mentally deficient” and “Havoc”), and the first Acrostichon songs were written (“Xenophobic mania”, “Immolation of the agnostic”, and “elaborate ritual”).

In November 1989 Vincent was replaced by Roeland and in this lineup Acrostichon played their first gigs. In March 1990 Acrostichon recorded their “Prologue” demo which contained the songs “Immolation of the agnostic”, “Havoc”, “Mentally deficient” and “Elaborate ritual”. The demo got great reviews. The tape also made it possible to do more and bigger gigs. In June 1990 Serge replaced Roeland resulting in the classic line-up of the first album. A succesful appearance with Carcass, Hellbastard and Gorefest on “Christmas Carnage” followed.

In early 1991 Acrostichon entered RS29 to record the “Dehumanized” demo. This tape contained four new tracks, called “Dehumanized”, “Thriving on chaos”, Exasperation” and “Lost remembrance”. It proved to be the final breakthrough in the Dutch underground scene. More than 1000 copies were sold. Songs of the demo were featured on the “Where is your god now” LP published by D.S.F.A. Promotions and a 7″ was released by Seraphic Decay Records (The “Lost Remembrance” EP). Several labels showed interest in signing the band. “Relics” was recorded to be featured on the “Peaveville Volume 4″ sampler and Acrostichon signed a contract for an album with the French Modern Primitive Records.

In March 1992 Acrostichon recorded their debut album, called “Engraved in Black”, with producer Colin Richardson. To great frustration of the band it took the label almost a year to release the album. Finally, in early 1993 “Engraved in black” was available.

Acrostichon played many gigs with great bands like: Carcass, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Death, Master, Massacra, Sodom, Revenant, Asphyx, Hellbastard, Lemming project, Atrocity, Cerebral fix, Tiamat, Samael, Gorefest, Thanatos, Dead Head, Sinister, The Gathering, Pungent Stench, and many more.

In 1994 Richard left the band to concentrate on his other band Black Melody (Later to become Robotmonster) and was replaced by Michel on guitar. He still accounted for the artwork. They signed a record deal with Double Noise Records and in January 1995 the CD-EP “Forgotten” was released later on to be followed by the second album “Sentenced”.

In 1998 the band broke up and Jos, Serge, Michel and Tjerk (who replaced Corinne in the final line-up), decided to start a new band: Outburst

Years past and after several requests to reunite the band Jos, Corinne, Serge and Richard decided to play for close friend Mario on his “Mario’s Metal Mania” festival, on Oct 4th 2009. The reunion gig was great fun and the response was overwelming.

The band had a great time and decided to continue. Although not in full active duty, Acrostichon will play occasional gigs.