Blood of Jupiter


The aftermath of David Isberg´s participation in the 00’s through bands like Mynjun, somn & The Stockholm War Assemble spawned the seeds for bloodofjupiter. A Stockholmian band from the extreme sounds of brutal music.

After a meeting in Stockholm in 2010 with some longtime fans origin from Tuscany, Italy, David decided to create a new monster combining his interests in wine and metal and bloodofjupiter started to shape. In 2011 the first rehearsal was on and the first song played as a band. The following years were disturbed by David´s medical conditions after a severe assault and a huge number of line-up changes. In the year 2016 things were finally settling up and bloodofjupiter did exist for real. A few line-up changes later today’s version took pace in 2018 with the stable line-up of Isberg, Öhrn & Pettersson. The band started to play live and create numerous of songs & invented their own style of music they name Death Doomed Rock n Fvkkin Barolo of Metal. In February 2020 the band went into Studio Humbucker in Stockholm with producer Robert Pehrsson and recorded their debut album “Eternal Damnation “ (at this stage planned for release December 2020). During the recording, Isberg & Öhrn wrote a brand new song during a lunch break and recorded it.

“Bleeding” is the result and what we release July the 31st 2020.