2018, and Bloodbath fans need to prepare for the next chapter. The band began recording their fifth studio album early in the year, at Ghost Ward, City Of Glass & Tri-Lamb Studios, with mixing & mastering handled by Karl Daniel Lidén. Welcomed into the unholy fold is new guitarist, Joakim Karlsson of Swedish black metal cult Craft, The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn was forged and with an unyielding thirst for the macabre, the band’s current direction takes a step into even darker waters; they explore the boundaries of extremity, mixing in the best of death, thrash & black metal to create a perfect storm of chaos, delivered with the same ferocious HM-2 buzzsaw sound & relentless riff assault mastered over the years, combined with themes of the occult and pure horror.

Joining Bloodbath on the Bloodicide’ track is an unholy choir formed from the diabolical triumvirate of UK death metal legends, namely Jeff Walker from Carcass, John Walker from Cancer, and Karl Willetts from Bolt Thrower.

The cover was painted by notable artist Eliran Kantor (Testament/Sodom); a subtle piece to accentuate the title’s underlying looming evil, created as a message of unholy provocation and impending threat.