A burnt off’ring to the godz of speed metal – that is what we present you with Bütcher’s first full-length album! “Bestial Fükkin’ Warmachine” is aptly named: a furious frenzy of speed, black & heavy metal – all brewed in a cauldron of analog & vintage recording material. An acquired taste in these modern times, but surely to be savoured by metal maniacs that have an affection for Agent Steel, Celtic Frost, Nifelheim, Venom, Exciter, Darkthrone, Manowar, Deströyer 666, Slayer and the likes.

Let us not bore you too much with biography details. Suffice to say that the reincarnation of the band started in 2014 after a long hiatus. We existed between 2002-2007 with a dedicated local following in the Antwerp area and crazy live shows to boot, yet nothing but two forgettable demo recordings to show for it. We simply disbanded, but every time we kept meeting each other the metal hammer of old kept striking the anvil.

Louder, harder, faster – and we got back together with new shredmaster KK Ripper taking the lead and DB Deströyer joining permanently in 2017. We really embraced our vision, stopped being content with just being local heroes, and we want to push through. Bring unadulterated metal pleasures to anyone that feels to crash, bang & wallop. The metal community is both united and fragmented, we’ll let others be the judge of what’s what – but we know, feel and see at live performances that Bütcher’s music and dedication to bringing the most energetic live show is sparking a fire in the audience. A fire that more often than not engulfs in a consuming blaze of metal mania.

Consider the lack of edits, digital sound compression or most modern recording techniques on our album. Take a look at our stage wear, inspired on Hellhammer/CF, Sarcofago, Sodom, Nifelheim, Living Death, Slayer,… Above all, please absorb the metal assault that we edged into black wax, burned into silvered jeweled discs as well as coded into streamable format.

Bütcher recorded and released BESTIAL FÜKKIN’ WARMACHINE via Babylon Doom Cult Records in 2017, and landed a deal with Osmose Productions for a follow up record – on which we are working as we speak.

Forever in service to the ancient godz of steele!