Deeply bound MORBID, NEKROKING and TIM TOT started to form a band in 2012, leading to limitless voyages and try-outs in music. The project wasn’t a real band yet, and the first time it would be stated ‘a band’ called by the steep name «MATTERHORN» was in 2014, deeply embodying the Metal-DNA to an original form to fit very personal content. Facing more seriosity and urgency, and evolving parallel along the forming radical idea, the songs on the debut then were originated only in 2017. Though, some material from the fiery, very early and adolescent stages was present and inexorably resonating – as still in the very same need of getting cleansed from the old ballast as in 2012, from what led to music-making. Having shared the stage with acts BÖLZER & URFAUST on their first professional live show, the trio was trained to record the first album being entitled «CRASS CLEANSING», that stands personally allegorical for the longed relief, and artistically for the latter days. Searching for darkness and heaviness in diverse and sometimes almost morbidly comic shades, the constant search for more exceptionalism became obsessive: After breaking out of isolation as quite a solipsistic band, the group measured with reality for the first time and thus became delusional with an immense enthusiastic drive: The music was still less heavy than needed, and way less independent and original when it comes to their influences from other metal bands, more precisely a band whose fans maybe are the most faithful ones, for fitting with their dark personal content, the second coming will be much more ripe – the newer material already shows the band’s capability to advance towards an outstanding and inventive group – the future plans are already conceived and begotten! «CRASS CLEANSING» will be advanced to completion by two remarkable bonus tracks ‘Crass Cleansing’ and ‘Bydying’.
MATTERHORN’s further future will seamlessly continue after the release of CRASS CLEANSING in 2018, ensued by live appearances and their second full length, to be scheduled for early 2019. Infinitely variable ways of the deepening darkness and new approaches are conceivable…

Matterhorn plays at the Warm-Up Party which requires a seperate ticket