Undead Prophecies


UNDEAD was founded by 5 individuals back from the dead with a similar musical vision who decided to gather reviving forces in order to honor authentic old school Death Metal as initially mastered by bands like POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL, CELTIC FROST, MASTER , OBITUARY, DEATH…

The latter being like one of the main godfathers to the genre, UNDEAD has particularly taken its root in DEATH’s majestic , slashing riffs, hammering tempos and those unique dominating guttural vocals

Doing way more than paying tribute to their legends, UNDEAD have come up with quality songwriting, churning out very catchy arrangements and convincing material.

By all accounts, UNDEAD’s debut album ‘False Prophecies’ is a maliciously produced and executed death metal album any old school fan would dream of.

Death… is just the beginning !